Sunday, June 29, 2008


This beauty was found by lucky beachcomber Barbara G. in April. It weighs ½ pound and is shown here in it's polished splendor illuminated by a light from below to highlight it's beauty from within.

Strange Petrified Teredo Wood Specimen

This piece found by Ronnie the "Rockhunter" of Newport measures 6" x 2½" and is a most unsual specimen. The areas that appear to have been sawed are the actual damage done by the Teredo mollusk to this piece of wood.

Jasp-Agate found at Newport

This large cobble of Jasp-Agate was found June 17th, weighing in at 4.65 pounds and measured 5" x 7" was found by Judy K of Victoria B.C. Nice find Judy!

Carnelian Fortification Agate

It is late in the season, but yes treasure is still being found daily such as this beautiful large cobble of carnelian fortification agate which was found earlier this month in the Newport, Oregon area by lucky beachcomber Amie B. NOTE: Photo was taken while the specimen was still wet to better show the details.

Enhydro agate limb cast found at Newport

Congratulations to lucky Amy P. of Newport who just recently found these nice limb casts of agate, the clear one actually aprox. 2 inches long is an enhydro agate (water of 15 - 20 million years old within) with a large air bubble moving freely as in a carpenter's level.

Oregon Coast Agate Found

Another beautiful large agate weighing 1.55 pounds was found at Newport in May, by local resident Glenda.

Newport black agate found in May!

This is a beautiful black agate which was found here at Newport on the Oregon Coast measures 3" x 2" and was found by our own local Bibliona. This cobble of agate weighs in at almost half a pound.

5" Carnelian Agate Geode, found!

Local resident Alan found this beauty in the Newport area early in May,
weighing in at 1.7 pounds.
Sorry I have been so late getting these up there is alot to be added as time permits. Please check back from time to time.