Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Memories of Christmas at the beach

Christmas 1987 at Lost CreekAgreeably the best Christmas ever! We met this family from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on the beach the young boy in the photo is now 27. All of us had a wonderful time collecting the treasures that nature had left us beachcombers for Christmas on the Beach 1987.
Agates, colorful jaspers, petrified wood and more...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fossil Tooth found on the Oregon Coast

Locke and his wife Debra, our guest visiting from Calgary, Alberta found this great tooth specimen nearly 3 inches long while beach combing recently while here in the Newport area. Locke also found a couple of other treasures, nice agates and a wonderful specimen of petrified wood etc.

We met these wonderful folks one Christmas over 20 years ago while we were beachcombing with our Collie dog, Candy. She fell in love with their son as you will see in a few days when I get the photo scanned in for the blog.

I hope Dr. William, or Elizabeth Orr or some other paleontologist can help identify this specimen and the other one that was found earlier this month.

Congratulations Locke on your prize fossil and other treasures found on the Oregon coast, it was wonderful to see you folks again.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another LARGE agate found!

This beauty of an agate is almost 6 inches across weighing in at two and a quarter pounds. Thursday, Lauren of Otter Rock just found it here in the Newport area. The photo appears blury due to the grape like form known as botryoidal agate.

Danny's trophies for Easter

Dannys Select Fancy Agate

These two agates were just found by Newport resident Danny. The top is a fancy agate with a lot of interesting color and patterns.

Danny's black agate the size of a quarter

This black agate is actually the size of a quarter and the black shadows the back that almost takes on a blue hue.

Editors notes: Both agates were back lit for the beauty to shine thru.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Skip the eggs and head for the beach.

This is a very impressive Chalcedony Rose - over 4 inches across that was found by a lucky Newport beachcomber

Better instead to participate in the natural hunt that nature puts on and find a bunch of shells, driftwood, agates and other neat things at the beach.

In Newport, head to Beverly Beach State Park or South Beach State Park. "This is one of the best times of year to go beachcombing on the Oregon Coast," said Sunny Golden, a spokeswoman for the Newport Chamber of Commerce. "The winter storms bring all sorts of exciting things to the shore, including unique shells, agates, colorful jaspers, driftwood. When the tide goes out, it uncovers a blanket of treasures and gemlike stones for the taking."

Along with the agates and shells, lucky visitors also may find a fossil.

Editors Note: Be sure and read the entire story by K. Williams Brown, of hidden treasures await at coast.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fossilized tooth found on the beach

< - - This fossilized tooth was found on the beach is yet to be identified. Possibly a petiped tooth as the ones in the jaw (shown in photo below) with the little boy. Found by lucky beachcomber Kevin of Lincoln County.

This photo was taken from the Hatfield Marine Science Center at South Beach in Newport by Nicki Price of the Oregon Coast Today

Bloodstone still found on the Oregon Coast

Example here was photographed wet to better see the colors. Here are two recent finds of the bloodstone jasper still found on the Oregon Coast. These are excelent examples found by Frank of Newport. Showing the red blotches on the field of green jasper.

Agate cast of a Razor Clam Shell

Upon first inspection this appeared to be a shell trapped in the sandstone. However upon a closer look it is actual agate. Another nice find by local beachcomber Frank of Newport.

BEAUTIFUL Select Fancy Sagenite Agate Found!

This Fancy Sagenite Agate shown as front and back is actually the size of a quarter, found by Susan and Paul of Florence. This has to be one of the finest pieces of agate found on the Oregon Coast. Good job Susan!

Agatized Nautilus Shell found at Newport

< - - Photo shows both the front and back of this complete agatized Nautilus shell, just found by Bryan a local beach comber here in Newport. Great eyes to have seen this one.

Dolphin Skull

This is a pretty impressive fossil of a dolphin skull as seen just recently here in the Newport area.