Monday, November 30, 2009

Beautiful weekend beach combing for agates in Newport!

Boy what a great weekend here on the coast, sunny, no wind or rain! Saturday a local couple had already found a couple of great fossil shells, one was a Musasha indurata (pictures to follow later after Christmas, due to no time for photos).

Parking for all the agate beds was scarce yesterday when we took our drive south. The beaches were still covered with sand yesterday but the beachcombers were getting their fill of collecting agates of the Oregon Coast. Today Cheryl a local beachcomber, brought in her beautiful black banded trophy agate weighing in at 1¼ pounds and just under 4 inches in length.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Blue Agates just found...

These are two nice blue agates were just found by lucky Linda out beach combing Saturday. Good work Linda.

The agate hunt is on!

The banded agate was back lit to better show the banding.  These are some of Jim & Kathy's Treasures from 11-11-09
Just in "It was FABULOUS this weekend. I made it to the beach Saturday afternoon low tide and the sand was negligible. There were actually big rocks, not just pea gravel, and it was a great day. Lots of petrified wood, bigger agates than usual, plenty of red jasper, and a fair amount of green jasper, too. Plus assorted oddball stuff." Garret - Author of Gem trails of Oregon

Attatched photo is of Jim & Kathy's beachcoming efforts from November 11. Nice sized agates with a banded one in the upper left corner, the smallest one is an agatized clam bellie.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Latest Word on Beachcombing...

Yesterday a lucky Springfield lady visiting the coast found a carnelian agate weighing possibly 9-11 pounds! One of our locals identified it for her and praised her on her beautiful find.

Guess that means beaches are beginning to show rock now, you will just have to look for yourself. But no the large gravel beds are not showing yet but yes there are treasures out there. Photos of more agates that have been found lately to follow soon. Happy hunting folks!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beachcombing On The Oregon Coast!

I would imagine after the weather we have had this past week the beaches may be scrubbed clean by next week. The storm watchers have really had an eye full this week watching Mother Nature at her best. With the high surf it has been too rough for anyone to go out beachcombing this week as the water has been covering the shoreline up to the cliffs!

Give it a few days and it should provide good treasures of agate, fossils, petrified wood and more for all, but please do NOT turn your back on that ocean, it is really wild and dangerous. Don't call for a beach report I can't see it from here, just take a chance and check it out for yourself.

After these storms, I figure by now that there should even be a few of the old fishing floats on the shore too.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jasper Arrowhead Found!

Another great find.,,3" Jasper Indian Arrowhead, artifact found on the Oregon Coast!

Beachcombers Paul and his wife found this Indian arrowhead over a year ago during a very windy day at the beach as Susan was trying to drag him home. He thought he saw an arrowhead and went back to retrieve it. The arrowhead features such an interesting pattern to the jasper color wise too. The photo shows the knapped detail on this piece as seen front and back in the photo very nicely.

Tomorrow we are anticipating quite a windy and rainy day for the coast, maybe that will remove some of that sand to expose the gravel beds. We are getting reports of agate being found to a limited extent daily now. No certain areas to report as it changes by the tide.