Monday, April 18, 2011

Minus tides this week...

After all of the winds that we have endured here on the coast over the last week, (the SW winds remove the sand to expose the gravel) we are all looking towards a great time at the beach.  Frank was in with an exceptionally nice agatized  enhydro Anadara clam, bloodstone, fancy agate, and a very nice specimen of Teredo wood (still showing the grain of the wood).  More photos to follow on this later.  

Yesterday Richard came home with a fossilized double vertebrae of something rather small but larger than a fish. I still have to get the photos off of Richards camera to share with you. More to come later...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Extra Large Blue-black Agate found on the Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Agate Club's President found these

Here we are showing two views of one beautiful fancy blue black fortification agate that Frank found recently.  The top shows it dry and the lower shot shows it wet to better see the color.  The fossil specimen lower right shows two fossils as they were found, cemented together.

We are in the final production of  our third pocket guide therefore I have a lots of photos to catch up on for this blog.  Frank was in recently with a very nice agatized clam, bloodstone, fancy agate, and a very nice specimen of teredo wood (still showing the grain of the wood).   I will have to get those photos up too, as time permits.