Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Petrified wood found beachcombing at Newport, Oregon

This was another extreamly large piece (weighing in at maybe 10 plus pounds) of petrified wood just found here in Newport by Arnie, another lucky guest. This piece has an oval shape centerally located of druzy quartz crystals, and the end above the teeth of the garden fork appears to be well agatized displaying the wonderful grain paterns in colorful banding of bluish-black, grey and white agate.

Fossil shark's tooth found at the beach in Newport, Oregon!

This fossilized shark's tooth was recently found on the beach by lucky Lincoln county guest, Sue P. in north Newport. This is the largest sharks tooth that we have personally seen from this area (large ones like this are generally found on the east coast). The tooth in it's entirity must have been at least 4" overall in total size.

An uncommon Jasp-agate found beachcombing at Newport!

Spectacular winter storms this year have been responsible for a variety of changes to the Oregon coastline. Since the storm removal of tons of sand this has uncoverd and exposed more rocks, agates, fossils, and glass fishing floats than many of our previous winters. Guest Dale M. recently found this spectacular specimen of Jasp-Agate which has the look of a breaciated jasper (considering all of the fragmented jasper pieces randomly spread throughout) on the beach just north of Newport, at the Oregon Coast. (This specimen was photographed wet).

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A wonderful specimen of Crepidula praerupta

Crepidula praerupta (Conrad) fossils of a flat shell commonly preserved together in groups as seen here. Found in the past by Newport resident E. J.

Nautilus fossil found at South Beach in Newport, Oregon

A beautiful fossilized specimen of an Aturia angustata (Conrad) of which is the extinct species that is compared with the present day Nautilus pompilus. The photos shows the interior cavity lined of druzy quartz crystals, while the exterior shell still shows the well detailed growth chamber by chamber. Found locally by Brent, a Lincoln county beachcomber.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

April was a very busy month here at the beach!

This winter the storms scoured the beaches down so far that ancient forest tree trunks and shipwrecks that had been buried for 200+ years or so were exposed. This brought so many visitors to the coast, that on some days there were as many as 150 people at a time on the local beaches.

Photo above shows a small but unique 2" piece of petrified wood limb cast with small worm holes, as found in by Newport resident Larry Thompson. This was just one of the many beautiful pieces that we had seen from the many people beachcoming in April.