Friday, July 24, 2009

Oregon Coast Minus Tides Reward Agate Hunters

This multi-color agate beauty of over 1 pound was found today during the morning minus tides here in the Newport area by beachcomber and agate collector, Don of Snohomish WA. Don found others as well but this is really one to write home about. He left here waiting for the tide to go out again this after noon.

Nice find Don, keep up the good work.

With temperatures predicted to be 90+ to 100 degrees over the weekend in the I-5 corridor, we are seeing a rush of folks here to beat the heat on the coastline, where it will be measurably cooler than the inland part of the state.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beautiful Oregon Agate

Photo shown actual size, agate found by Bob Arnold a local beachcomber of Lincoln County, Oregon.
I just finished mounting this beautiful fancy agate found here on the Oregon coast. I call this one the "paisley" as it is just so beautifully patterned and reminds me of beautiful fabrics used for dressmaking.

This agate is done in the lapidary art of wire wrap, making a pendant created in 14K gold filled wire. The stone was just found earlier this year. Quite the find in such a dry year for beach combing here on the Oregon Coast.

We are now in another week of extra low tides, customers just in had found a number of agates in the normally inaccessible tide pools. Tomorrow will be another minus tide here on the coast.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just a walk on the beach!

Last night I made a delivery of the pocket guides AGATES of the Oregon Coast about 8:00 and noticed how beautiful the weather was. I grabbed my gem scoop from the car and off we went venturing out onto the beach.

This was the first trip to the beach for our new rescued pup exploring the rocks and combing the beach. Quiet and peaceful, the tide was going out so it was safe for the pup to explore the shoreline too. The beach was mostly deserted with no other people to speak of. A guy eventually parked his rig for a run on the beach. I discovered a new gravel bed that the surf had just revealed, and proceeded to fill my pockets with beautiful colorful jaspers, small agates and a few pieces of sea glass within about 20 minutes. We found some beauties, several nice agates. We left the beach with the sun still on the horizon and were home before dusk!

Life on the Oregon coast is spectacular at all times of the year for the beachcomber. May not all ways find a trophy agate but they are there just not always in volumes.

I will get a photo of my finds up as time permits. Enjoy your summer!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Minus tides beckon tidepoolers again this week...

Click here to see more about the past record minus tides at Roads End in Lincoln City on June 4, 2008. Photo by By Niki Price of the Oregon Coast Today Sorry we haven't had a chance to get back to the blog, pretty busy these days. Wish we could be out there on the beach with you to enjoy the great tide pooling during these minus tides and beachcombing that so many of our guest are experiencing here on Oregon's central coast!

I come across this site earlier and wanted to share these excelent photos of tide pools to get a close up and personal look of what you may experience here during these minus tides. Yes folks are finding a few small agates too but keep in mind this is NOT agate hunting season.