Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oregon Carnelian Agate at it's very Best!

Best Carnelian we have seen yet! The photo shows it wet to better see the true color. Frank just found this beauty yesterday here on Oregon's Central Coast. It does not get any better than this. This beauty Pigeon blood RED agate measured 3'' long and weighed in at over 1/4 pound of the purest red you have ever seen.

He also had these other trophy pieces as well but this carnelian is beeeautiful!The carnelian agate upper left, center top sard agate (yellow/gold was backlit for translucency) and the others are fancy jasper. The photos here were taken wet to better see their colors.

I was invited out for a tour with a small group of folks yesterday morning for their TV film shoot of agate hunting at Newport. We were treated to an hour and 1/2 on the beach before the rain started. A good time was had by all finding a multitude of fossils, jasper, a piece of bloodstone, sea glass and agate. This 2 minute shot will appear the first week of February on FOX 12 Oregon Beach Vacations, February segment.

Friday, January 15, 2010

More Treasures Found on the Central Coast...

Tim had quite a good time out beachcombing here on the Oregon coast last week. Translucent green agate to fancy jasper, sardonyx, banded, select fancies, agatized limb cast, fossilized mollusks shells and more... There are two shown as polished that he just took out of the tumbler to share with us.

It is nice to share in our guest treasures they find here on the coast it is like getting to go with them but we stay here warm and dry...

2" Agate Geode Found on the Beach.

This shows two views of the same geode.  The highlighted one is shown upside down versus the view on the ruler2 weeks ago, agate collectors Wes and Shanna of Seal Rock found this spectacular agate geode while beach combing on the Oregon coast. It appears that it might have been an enhydro agate with a thin shell of agate that broke against the extreme force of the Pacific Ocean and our extremely rough and rocky coastline. The crystalline structure is very unusual as the white crystals (possibly calcite or zeolites) are flat and round much like the flat fungus or mushrooms that grow on trees in the forest. As you see by the illuminated shot the quartz crystals are very clear.

Close up of Frank's fortification agate as shown sitting on the Carnelian trophy below from the previous entry of beachcombing trophys found for the New Year
Today a hazardous weather advisory has been issued: Expect high winds and periods of heavy rain over the next week as a series of storms will rotate into the central Oregon coast. Please be very careful out there on the beach, it would be advisable to watch the storm from a high vantage point, a look out or from the safety and warmth of your hotel room over looking the coast line!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Beachcombing trophys found for the New Year!

Carnelian agate shown with a quarter for scale. < - - Jeremiah of Newport, found this beautiful sagenite carnelian agate Saturday beachcombing south of town while hunting for agates with his dad for New Years. It is about the size of the nickel beside it. He also found another beautiful trophy of carnelian (as shown below) weighing in at just under a pound and measuring 4 inches wide.

Largest carnelian weighed in over 3/4 of a pound and 4 inches in length.

This is great fun as a family activity when done in pairs for safety sake. His dad also had some treasures as shown in the photo to the right above his large carnelian, the other agates were drying out in the photo but the color and sizes are impressive. The white agate laying on the large carnelian displays a nice white banded design throughout.