Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August - Agate Treasures

Beachcombers Melissa & Randee of Eugene found these rather large trophies of 4" while vacationing here on the Oregon Coast: the white agate below weighed in at 1¼ pounds, the carnelian/sard agate with the crystalline center weighed 1 pound.

Nice finds!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What is this fossil?

This fossil was found earlier this year in the area, by Newport resident Danny. It is 5½" long, and the lower image shows the side view nicely but what is it?

Danny also found some nice agates too!

Still Rock'n The Coast at Newport

Breaking News from the Oregon Coast, Richard & I saw this gravel bed Sunday the 8th and it is still producing agates for our guest here on the Oregon Coast! Frank was nice enough to forward this photo from his phone to share with you.

This is definitely a rare treat for beach combers during the summer when it is normally sanded in by the winds from the north. There is no way of knowing if this will look like this tomorrow, many times it is just a fleeting chance of (6 hours) the changing of the tide.

Beautiful Black Agate Ring

Spike of Seal Rock found this beautiful black agate earlier this year while agate hunting here on the Oregon Coast. The ring was created for him by FACETS Gem & Mineral Gallery of Newport. The ring was fabricated of Sterling Silver for him to give his lady Monica. We wish Monica many years of enjoyment from her new ring.

Spike was very pleased as the design allows the wearer to appreciate stone from the top or by the bottom through the open wire work design beneath the stone.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Beachcombing Treasures

Local 8 year old Savannah of Sam Case Elementary found these marine fossils while beach combing with her family yesterday. The fossils shown here were found just north of Newport and are approximately 15-20 million years old. Nice finds Savannah.

Notes: The white shell is filled with calcite crystals which appears to have been an enhydro (water filled) agate clam belly. The reddish clam is totally fossilized.