Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to buy a Rock Tumbler for the holidays...

< - - Consider carefully a more useful size rock  tumbler for medium sized loads or larger material up to 2¼" (size of a golf ball). Lortone's single 4½lb. barrel features a 10-sided interior surface (measuring 5¾" by 3½" deep) for optimum tumbling action and a capacity for 5 cups of rocks.

Here on the Oregon Coast beach combers will find many small stones but you can also find a selection of agates, jaspers and petrified wood in larger sizes. Don't let yourself be sucked in by an attractive low price on a rock tumbler only to find you are limited to polishing stones the size of a quarter and smaller.   

Friday, November 23, 2012

Blue Black Beach Agates From the Oregon Coast!

Photo taken of dry blue/black beach agates.
Uh oh the boss is cleaning out the warehouse again!  Just uncovering a large stash from an old collection we bought years ago of nice natural blueblack beach agate specimens perfect for tumbling!    These are small enough and naturally surf tumbled by the sea, gem quality agates that should make great gemstones for your jewelry or crafts. 

Packaged in 2 quart containers containing just the right size agates for any tumbler to polish and enhance their natural beauty.  These will be sold for $89.00 a container, well under the going price of over $120+ a container (when you can get them) and will have a special recipe enclosed on how to tumble polish them in just 10 days in a rotary tumbler*Buy 2 containers and they will ship free by USPS flat rate any where within the 50 states.

Overstock Blowout SALE...Shop early and SAVE! We would normally offer this exquisite quality by the pound but due to lack of space we are offering these in 2 quart lots, while they last. Quantities are limited to available stock on hand once they are gone that's it! In Stock and ships immediately. Shipping weight  8 lbs. Buy it NOW and SAVE!  Just $89.00 for each 2 quart container.  

*anywhere in the U.S. or  APO as one  shipment or domestic parcel to one address for the free freight offer,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yachats church with beautiful agate windows!

Photo by Cheryl Waide
“The Yachats Community Presbyterian Church presents, A Celebration of Carols on Sunday, December 16 at 4:00 PM. This festive holiday program features the Chancel Choir and Handbells in a celebration of the Christmas season through holiday readings and music. For additional information, contact the church office at 541-547-3400.” 

Unpolished beach agates are embedded in resin sheets to make up these windows.  To see more photos, check out Nancy Lynne Photography on these most interesting Agate Windows.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

2013 Agate Calendars are now available!

It's calendar season again, and this year we have  not just one but two wall calendar designs by Patrick a local beach comber and excellent photographer  whose camera has captured the beauty of these agates well in these presented images. "Agates and Jasper of the Oregon Coast", and "The Agate Hunter Blues". 

Available from FACETS Gem & Mineral Gallery in Newport, OR.  Just $14.95 each.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rock tumblers to polish your agates

FACETS in Newport, Oregon offers something everyone from the rock hound to the jewelry maker, collector and craftsman alike. Jewelry and lapidary supplies, equipment plus rock tumblers from 3 pounds to 65 pounds on their web  site.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fossilized Nautilus Found at Newport...

Sorry I don't have the finders name to give credit

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Craig's unique beachcombing find...

Craig, a Yachats Beachcomber found this unique stone.
At first glance this one pound specimen looks like a  root-base of a sea weed clump.  The strange outer surface features a bubbly sard or carnelian agate area protruding through a thin skin.  There is also a small area of green agate present.

Nice find Craig!

Large Agate just found!

Cheryl's trophy agates
The discover season brought beachcomber Cheryl of Pinehurst, Idaho in yesterday to share this 4" agate with us weighing over 1 pound.  The smaller black agate is also a very nice sized find.

Thank you again Cheryl, for the heads up on the notice of the book Agates: Treasures of the Earth, By Roger Pabian.  I agree this is a great book is for agates of Lake Superior, or Brazilian agates but fails to impart the info you need for the Agates of the Oregon Coast.  I just found the misleading website tonight that is representing Brazilian agates and this book for Oregon Agates. 

Congratulations Cheryl, these are both very memorable trophy's to take home to Idaho.