Friday, January 27, 2017

Be mindful of the power of the Pacific

Cherise Glaze - "Please enjoy but do not underestimate the power and unpredictability of the waves on the Oregon Coast, your life depends upon it." Via - the News-Times Facebook page.

The Oregon State Parks website has this to say about sneaker waves: “They’re called sneaker waves because they appear without warning, often surging high up on the beach with deadly force, and are impossible to predict. Sneaker waves also carry a large amount of sand that can saturate your clothes, weighing you down and making escape difficult, if not impossible.” The advice from state parks officials is, “Never turn your back on the ocean.”

That’s good advice for everyone. Even those of us who have lived next to the Pacific Ocean for years can sometimes forget how much power is contained within those waves. It’s also incumbent on us locals to sound a warning if we encounter visitors who unknowingly place themselves in harm’s way.

We certainly aren’t advocating that people steer clear of the beaches this time of year — we believe our beaches provide some of nature’s best playgrounds. But at the same time, we urge everyone to give the Pacific Ocean the healthy amount of respect it deserves.

Editorial by Steve Card Wednesday News Times January 25, 2017, Cherise Glaze Views on the News Wednesday News Times February 1, 2017, Video courtesy of Steve Raplee, the owner of the High Tide Cafe in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2017 Yachats Agate Festival

Join us for the 6th Annual Yachats Agate Festival January 14th & 15th at the Yachats Commons Hwy 101 at 4th.  This is the first show of the new year and is an excellent opportunity to learn about beachcombing for agates to zeolites and other stones found along the Oregon Coast. 
The Rock Doc

The Rock Doc will be on hand Saturday and Sunday to identify a couple (not a suitcase full) of your coastal rock finds for you. Sunday the Oregon Fossil Guy will also be on hand to identify your fossil finds as time permits 10 - 4.

Free admission to the Yachats Agate Festival inside event of lectures, dealers selling jewelry, rocks, minerals and fossils a great outing for the family. This event is put on by Yachats the "Gem of the Oregon Coast" celebrating the treasures of the Oregon Coast.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

This huge trophy agate was brought in to Wesley's Trading Post by Valerie from Portland Saturday May 7th. She said her husband found it sticking out of the sand and had to dig it out and they were amazed at how big it was 46.8 pounds. From a beach on the coast near an RV park. You can see some the bruising that I have described in the past as looking like fingernail indentations in the rind and exposed patches of the agate and drusy crystal – quartz looking patches so not sure what is inside. 

EDITORIAL NOTE: Sorry I took so long to open the photos that Patty Bullock supplied.

Close-up exhibits the fingernail marks

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Presentation - Beach combing 101

Tuesday Evening May 26th will be the last in this years series of talks on Coastal Encounters. 
Lincoln County author of Agates of the Oregon Coast Kay Myers will present Beach combing 101, finding agates on the Central Oregon Coast.  This presentation with video will be held at the Driftwood Public Library in Lincoln City Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

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As I haven't been out on the beaches in quite awhile, check us out on Facebook for the most recent details of beach combing on the Oregon Coast.  Happy holidays to all of you folks and stay safe!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fossil Conifer Cone found at Moolack in Newport

Fossil Conifer Cone
This was a first for me to see and what a treat. Sandra shared her fossil conifer cone she had found while beach combing on the beach at Moolack.  Congratulations to Sandra on her prize find.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rockhounding Oregon, Hot off the Press

Hot off the Press
Thank you Lars, we just received our autographed copy of Rockhounding Oregon today! Great job this makes a great companion book of locations to go with our pocket guides Oregon Under Foot and Agates of the Oregon Coast. We should have copies for sale next week at Wesley's Trading Post 136 SE 1st St here in Newport, Oregon.  541-265-4556.