Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Storm Season brings with it warnings to be followed...

Glass fishing floats souvenirs Richard Petrovic We are expecting not one but two storms, Thursday - Saturday in combination with extremely high tides, and a second blue moon for the month of December. What more could we have to deal with for a new year? While storm watching, or beachcombing, please take care as to not jeopardize your life or the Coast Guard rescue teams by playing on the logs or get yourself caught in the surf by the tides. Please be aware this coastline can be very dangerous under normal circumstances but will be doubly dangerous this week.

If you choose to explore, do it as a team, never by your self. Always watching for sneaker waves, they never follow a pattern and can wipe you off your feet in seconds. Yes there will be treasures from the sea to be found but consider doing this after the sea calms down Sunday or so for the sake of your own safety.
Please be very careful and enjoy a safe and happy New Year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Recent Beachcombing On The Oregon Coast

< - - Lucky resident beachcomber Chelsea of Lincoln County found this 5 inch sard agate weighing at just under 2 pounds a couple of weeks ago. Her dad Tim also likes strolling along the beach finding agates.

Tim found these beautiful agates Monday. - - >
These are just a few of what Tim found. The largest one a fancy agate has a very thick skin covering what appears to be a light blue agate, the white agate to the right of the quarter is a clam bellie agate, the center red one is a very nice carnelian agate. Good hunting by these two agate collectors.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Agate Arrowhead found on the Oregon Coast

Agate Indian arrowhead artifact found winter of 2008. This beauty of an agate Indian arrowhead 1½" long was found south of Newport last winter by Jerry D. a local resident, beachcombing here on the Oregon coast. It is in remarkable shape, the workmanship is incredible on this piece considering how hard agate would be to work by hand without the aid of modern lapidary equipment. It is one thing to work in obsidian which is volcanic glass and much easier to work with deer horn in those times.

Jerry brought this in a couple of weeks ago to share with you folks. He was such a nice fellow he gave it to his boss as a gift! That was beyond generous Jerry.

Editors Note: Check out another arrowhead found her on the Oregon coast, last year.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy Season here on the Oregon Coast...

This beautiful deep red fancy Carnelian Agate was found yesterday by our lucky guest - Chuck G and his wife of Canada beachcombing north of Newport.  (When back lit by a light you could see just how intense the red is.)
The storms have been numerous, delighting our seasoned beachcombers, tourists and novice agate hunters alike. The weather and the waves have caused a variety of changes on the beaches, as well as all sorts of stuff washing up or being exposed. This is a time of discovery with the uncovering oddities and good reports of treasures being found on the local beaches, one couple had even found an old glass fishing float with some fish net still attached. Our guest are really enjoying the hunt looking for agates and jaspers.

Sorry I haven't had a chance to keep up lately, work has been wild. This is the first photo I have been able to take in weeks. I haven't had time to take any photos of recent treasures that have been found. Plus on top of everything else, our updates are in the work for the new revised copy of the pocket guide Agates of the Oregon Coast that will be out next year. Hard to believe it is time for a reprint already. We thought the first printing would have lasted for two years or so.