Friday, January 27, 2017

Be mindful of the power of the Pacific

Cherise Glaze - "Please enjoy but do not underestimate the power and unpredictability of the waves on the Oregon Coast, your life depends upon it." Via - the News-Times Facebook page.

The Oregon State Parks website has this to say about sneaker waves: “They’re called sneaker waves because they appear without warning, often surging high up on the beach with deadly force, and are impossible to predict. Sneaker waves also carry a large amount of sand that can saturate your clothes, weighing you down and making escape difficult, if not impossible.” The advice from state parks officials is, “Never turn your back on the ocean.”

That’s good advice for everyone. Even those of us who have lived next to the Pacific Ocean for years can sometimes forget how much power is contained within those waves. It’s also incumbent on us locals to sound a warning if we encounter visitors who unknowingly place themselves in harm’s way.

We certainly aren’t advocating that people steer clear of the beaches this time of year — we believe our beaches provide some of nature’s best playgrounds. But at the same time, we urge everyone to give the Pacific Ocean the healthy amount of respect it deserves.

Editorial by Steve Card Wednesday News Times January 25, 2017, Cherise Glaze Views on the News Wednesday News Times February 1, 2017, Video courtesy of Steve Raplee, the owner of the High Tide Cafe in Coos Bay, Oregon.