Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Storms Bring Treasures to the Oregon Coast

Traveling across the sea for 2-4 decades this 12 inch Japanese glass fishing float was found on the shore at Newport, Oregon!
Beachcombers Rusty & Lesia, of Bozeman, Montana were fast on their feet to find this beautiful bright green 12 inch Japanese glass fishing float. They were one of two couples that discovered this rare treasure at the same time.

This float is still complete with the fisherman's net or rope still attached and covered with barnacles to boot. We tried to move the barnacles aside to see if the fisherman's stamped logo was visible but no luck, the barnacles were too tightly entwined.

More and more beach combers are finding these rare beauties daily now with the spring storms we have been experiencing here on the Oregon Coast, but you have to be out there early and be fast on your feet.

Editors Note: The small float image at the lower right just shows another angle of the glass float.