Thursday, April 8, 2010

Complete Agatized Clam

The translucent clam (clam belly) to the left has to be one of the largest completely agatized specimens we have seen in quite awhile. It just had a small area of the outer shell remaining plus the agate was amazingly clear and pretty well defined. This just goes to show you how the agates were formed here on the Oregon Coast some 15 - 20 million years ago. Agate filled anything hollow and took on the shape of that mold.

This beauty was found yesterday here in Newport by Bruce a rockhound from Reedsport, OR sharing a couple of days at the beach with his lovely and talented wife Kathy. Nice find Bruce, another great beachcombing find on the Oregon Coast!

Editors Note: Sorry the photo came out so fuzzy, the clam to the right is a fossil used for comparison.