Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter is the perfect time to hunt agates and fossils on the Oregon Coast

K.T. Myers (left) and Guy DiTorrice, both of Newport, search for agates and fossils
in a creek near Newport's Beverly Beach State Park. 
(Joe Hansen/Special to The Oregonian)
Click here to read  the entire Special article in the Oregonian, by Joe Hansen - on December 11, 2013 

My notes: A good time was had by all as we all found a nice selection of goodies in just a couple of hours. I found a pocket full of jasper, petrified wood, fossils some agates and one sizable smooth sagenite agate specimen. It certainly was a beautiful sunny, warm 52 degrees and no breeze for our November stroll on the beach.  You can see by my coat hanging from my back pack it was actually too warm for the long sleeves.  Not a bad trip considering that the sand still needed to be swept out to sea by the winter storms. Maybe tomorrows south westerly storm will help to scour the sand away and expose some more gravel beds.