Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oregon's Fossil Guy & Beachcombing in the Snow at Newport

Scott's trophy's a large agate weighing in at almost a pound and the fancy jasper was around a half pound.  The smaller images were pictured wet to better see their beautiful colors.
Scott beach combing in the snow
Greeted by winter snow & hail storms that rivaled the Rockies...Our "Oregon Fossil Guy" hit the beaches early Thursday with  our friend Scott & both were awarded excellent results on the rock/fossil gathering sides.  Below are a just a few of Guy's trophies: the large one at the top is a sizable 3" piece of agatized wood  weighing over a ¼ pound.  The lower left piece is a nice piece of myrtle wood and the remaining piece is a very nicely preserved fossil clam shell.
Photo was taken wet to better show the colors.