Saturday, October 23, 2010

First big blow of the season enroute to the Coast.

This is a live view looking south to the Yaquina, Head Lighthouse from the Moolack Beach area (Newport, Oregon). This location is well known as a scenic place to see that provides terrific shell fossils found among the cobbles exposed by the ocean. The image refreshes approximately every seven minutes. Click your refresh/reload button to be sure you are viewing the most recent images.Now you can experience the raw beauty of  the Oregon Coast  during our value season  where you can enjoy storm watching from the comfort of one of Newport's warm and cozy beach front resorts.

"Saturday night and into Sunday, the rain will increase considerably, accompanied by Hurricane Force Winds, 60-75 mph. Such winds are fully capable of blowing people off their feet and tossing them down streets, lawns and hillsides. These winds are expected to occur from 8pm Saturday to 8am Sunday. Power outages are also common with such winds.

A heavy surf warning is also in effect for all day Sunday. The Weather Service warns that tidal flooding is possible since a higher than normal tide will co-inside with the storm surf and high winds."  This would not be a good time to be out on the beach!

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