Sunday, May 30, 2010

Minus Tides Reward Beachcombers

Weather was great for a trip to the beach or fishing today. It was sprinkling as we left but once we got down to the beach it was dry and warm. There were so many fishing boats out today and people on the beach with their families and their dogs great fun for everyone.

We just got home from Seal Rock with this beautiful collection of stones for the kids. They are anxiously awaiting their new collection to get their rock polishers started again. The beaches were so busy with cars all over the place at all of the better known collecting spots. We spent about 4 hours actually laying in the gravel talking and just picking
up sea (rarely seen intact on our rocky coastline) shells, sea glass plus many colorful jaspers and agates one after another as we visited together with our friend Scott. There must have been about 12 other folks getting down in the gravel too just sitting there with pebbles all around them. We found the biggest one in the photo as we were heading home in South Beach, it weighs in at over 1¼ pounds and 4 inches across - - >

Hope you and yours are having a safe and happy holiday this weekend!