Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pleasures await you by the seashore!

Agatized Clam Bellie fragments, and fossil shell found lately by Frank of NewportSorry I had a shipment going out at the time a lady came in with a complete fossilized Nautilus that she had just found here in the Newport area. The nautilus was a little larger than a quarter and in very good condition, still had some matrix rock attached to it, but the iridescent shell was complete and spectacular in color and condition. Unfortunately I had to run and help with the freight, so no photo. Well that's another reason to go beach combing for those unexpected treasures from nature here on the Oregon Coast.

Spring Break things to do list: Spring Whale Watching week on the Oregon Coast starts soon March 20-27, 2010. Spring break will offer an active calendar of events for family fun activities, live entertainment, art festivals concerts, Oregon Coast Fishing and more...