Monday, February 22, 2010

Two warm dry weekends at Newport!

Wow not just one beautiful day but we had another full weekend of spectacular days here at Newport. We took in a great brunch at Izzy's yesterday, and enjoyed the breathtaking view over looking agate beach. The ocean was smooth rather than to be such a rolling sea for the boaters, the surfers were having a great day, many folks were strolling the beach and beachcombing. What more could you wish for? Oh yes, I would have loved to had time to go beachcombing too! But of course we had to get home for some repairs on the house but we so enjoyed savoring the wonderful brunch and the priceless view at Izzy's.

Last week, beachcomber and photographer Scott B. of Toledo brought in an impressive 2½" black agate, unfortunately my camera was not available. Maybe he will forward a photo for you to see.