Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fossil Tooth found on the Oregon Coast

Locke and his wife Debra, our guest visiting from Calgary, Alberta found this great tooth specimen nearly 3 inches long while beach combing recently while here in the Newport area. Locke also found a couple of other treasures, nice agates and a wonderful specimen of petrified wood etc.

We met these wonderful folks one Christmas over 20 years ago while we were beachcombing with our Collie dog, Candy. She fell in love with their son as you will see in a few days when I get the photo scanned in for the blog.

I hope Dr. William, or Elizabeth Orr or some other paleontologist can help identify this specimen and the other one that was found earlier this month.

Congratulations Locke on your prize fossil and other treasures found on the Oregon coast, it was wonderful to see you folks again.