Saturday, March 28, 2009

Zeolite found on the Oregon Coast

This photo shows an example of a water worn specimen of Naturalite crystals which are a variety of the Zeolite family

This is a rarely ever seen complete zeolite specimen just as it was found on the beach, showing the ideal crystaline structure! This is one I have been waiting years to see showing the complete framework of the crystals in it's natural habitat.

This wonderful educational piece was found recently by lucky Lincoln county beachcomber Linda D. Thank you Linda for sharing this rare treat with all of us.

Keep in mind around here at the coast there is no interest in zeolites of this variety because there is no value in them, I just happen to take an interest in all finds and wish to document them for prosperity.

This is not an agate, and would not be a candidate for polishing in the tumbler. Notice the radiating crystals originating from a central point, showing chain-like structures whose minerals form acicular or needle-like prismatic crystals. Zeolites combine rarity, beauty, complexity and unique crystal habits. Typically forming in the cavities, or vesicles, of volcanic rocks, zeolites are the result of very low grade metamorphism.